Creating & Assessing Your Fluff Budgets

I love this talk that Sarah Knight gives at TEDxCoconutGrove because It is a simple idea presented in a language we can all understand. This is a tool you can use for any aspect of your life. For myself, I have chosen to create Fluff Budgets for the following: family, work, friends, myself.

Below you will find a worksheet to help you better asses your Fluff Budgets, get clear on where you are over/under spending your Fluff Bucks, and create an intentional strategy to get you back on track.

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The Power Of Giving Feedback In The Moment

We have all heard of the word ‘Feedback’ before, but why does it make our hearts race and our palms sweaty? In my experience, those that fear the word feedback are those that have experienced feedback from someone who did not know how to effectively give it.

I love love love feedback. I know that feedback is my main source of growth and insight, without it I would not know how I (or my business) occurs for those around me. I trust that the feedback I am given is done from a place of love and willingness to help (even if it’s really hard to hear). I acknowledge and respect the individual giving me that feedback as I admire the

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